I was waiting in line impatiently to view the Eiffel Tower – once I got up there, the people waiting in line were the most fascinating aspect of the tour.

They’re so small 😉


Camel love



shooting the animals is fun! – sounds so wrong hey?

Camel ~ Bactrian

Ok… this shot really might seem completely random… and it is! However, I’ve always loved this shot because they remind me of an old married couple.

I imagine the female (I’m guessing on the left) is saying (with long drawn out vowels) “Look Charles, those creatures are so fascinating!”
and then he says “Ohh Darling, you can’t be serious. Stop gawking…it’s not dignified.”

When I lived in San Diego, one of my favorite pass times was walking their incredible zoo with my camera. It was a sort of meditation me in the sense that generally I shoot with studio lighting… or I can influence my subject to give me certain expressions. When I’m out and about with my camera – be it on the street or at the zoo, I must surrender all control to unpredictable animal/human behavior and weather conditions. That’s why it’s always soooo rewarding for me when I come across a scene like these guys… I couldn’t have posed them better myself!

Happy birthday Curtis!