So Simple

So back in July I went to LA to shoot two singers and I’ve been sooo excited to share, but was waiting for the albums to be released.

Here’s the first:
Michelle Carter-Leis “So Simple” available on itunes!
We shot in several locations–basically our shoot was like playtime. We had a little tea party. Went to the park… you know, climbed electrical towers etc 🙂 Here’s a few of my favorites.

Ok, she’s a friend of mine so I can’t help but be completely biased, but hear me out… HER VOICE IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! Her music is authentic, soulful and refreshing, and the production by Michael Woodrum at Soundmoves Music Group in L.A. is top notch. I dare you to buy it 😉


New logo + macro

I’m testing out my new logo today… and a new website coming soon YAY!

This little guy is a little random, but I was sorting through pics last night and wanted to share. I found him on my tent last summer. Grasshoppers always remind me of this incredible book I had as a child– I just found it on Amazon! The Butterfly Ball and the Grass hopper’s feast by Alan Aldridge.

Anyway, The reason I mention that is because as a child I used to marvel at the detail in the drawings. I’m always surprised when I get home to edit macro shots. When I’m shooting I’m so concentrated on just getting it in focus (very challenging with a moving subject, shallow depth of field, and without a flash), that I don’t have time to appreciate the intricacies. Bugs are cool 🙂



Daniela Belmondo is launching her new organic product line and I can testify that they smell heavenly. And though I haven’t had a chance to use them yet, if they are anywhere as kind and gentle on your skin as is her presence, than Belmondo (Beautiful World in Italian) is sure to be a huge success!

You can book a facial here or contact her to order them.

photo notes:
These product shots are a great example of studio shooting on location. It just goes to prove that one doesn’t need a whole fancy kit of expensive strobes. Once again I turned to my very reliable reflector and speedlight + umbrella on a light stand. I picked a shady area in a park and set up shop. It’s all about balancing the available light with the flash 🙂


Belcarra Recoup

A very peaceful sunset off the Belcarra

I just realized that it’s been almost an entire month since my last post…

I can assure you that there has been no slacking over here. I’ve been sooo busy shooting that I’m still dreaming about clicking away and I swear that my trigger finger was sore for a few days (thankfully recovered). 🙂

In fact, thanks to shooting for the new CRAVE book in addition to a few other gigs, I’ve set a personal record. I did 31 shoots + editing in 37 week days. It was definitely a good challenge–I felt like a picture warrior!

( since I vowed to take weekends off this year, I didn’t count them–and I mean I do my darnedest not to touch my computer for at least 2 days a week. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!!!! )

Anyway after a few days of recoup I’ve done some thinking about what made this work.

1) Thanks iCal for syncing with my phone, and giving me reminders with notes about the clients before my shoots.

2) Organized and minimal gear-Instead of bringing my whole kit, I had one basic kit with one big strobe, one back up speedlight and one reflector. IF the shoot was product or food I reorganized a little by adding a few mirrors and more reflectors. Otherwise I really made use of available light at every location.

3) Efficient workflow–I really have to adore Adobe Lightroom for making the editing and post process very efficient. I love the fact that I can keyword and add metadata before uploading to two separate external drives (for extra backup) and then go through and rate all my favorites and do what little editing needs to be done.

4) Supportive friends–to cheer along, give second opinions and even assist on shoots!

Alright! I’m excited for more!!! Who needs pictures?