If you don’t mind -25° Celsius…

Common Redpoll
Deer tracks. I’ve seen so many deer this week, but they always come out in the evening when it’s too dark.
Downy Woodpecker
(if you click on this one, you can actually see ice crystals in the air above the trees)

If you don’t mind -25° Celsius (not including the wind chill), your lens fogging up, and not to mention losing sensation in all small appendages, then Alberta winter is Glorious!!! 

By the way, holding metal objects, (ie. a camera) is a sure way to truly experience what it is to be COLD .brrr. brrr. brrr.
Here’s a look at an abridged version of my very chilly week.
Of course, today I didn’t bring my camera on the car ride to drive my niece and nephew to school; I was kicking myself while the sun rose (yes… I’ve been taking them before the sun actually rises), and an incredible sun dog almost blinded me! The ice crystals in the air glistened as the sun’s rays passed through them emitting etherial glowing colors.
I got home, left the car running, grabbed my camera and headed out to the country roads for my final day of shooting here. 🙂
I have to admit, I’m looking forward to Vancouver’s civilized climate.


Alberta, Canada, Squirrel
Alberta, Canada, Red Fox

I’m in Alberta hanging out with my niece and nephew while their parents cruise through Mexico. While I’m driving my nephew to school we talk about how a long time ago there were probably lots of fox that lived in the area now called “Fox Run.”
Well, he happens to mention that they do have one that lives around their place. I think to myself…geez that would make a great shot. But what are the odds he’ll come running while I’m standing on the porch calling “here little foxy…I have a treat for you… ”

4 hours later
So I set up my computer on the kitchen table to start editing a little video I’m working on, and my peripheral vision catches a blur of red through the window. Ahhh…could it be? But my camera is still in the camera bag and I’m sure I don’t even have a card in it (which is something I usually almost always have loaded for occasions such as this). I stand up, peek through the window and the little fury guy is prancing off… AHHH sh%$!!!
I get my camera out and load it up in case it comes back, but I don’t even have to wait!! He/she seems to be exploring the yard…and like a model on a cat walk, advances, stops and poses before making a graceful exit.

Guess what I just read. They hunt at night and are rarely seen…LUCKY ME!!
Thanks big bro for keeping the bird feeders full!!