Rumble at the Rock

Jaime Walton defeats Clayton Gladu

The doctor does a mandatory check up before the fight

On March 12 the Fighters from Sugarrays boxing club and Eboost Canada invited me to document the the fights at Rumble at the Rock VIII. I had the incredible experience of dressing room access (and not all media got that).
What you don’t see when they’re not in the ring punching each other in the head:
These guys showed incredible sportsmanship and support to their competitors.


Aja was so natural in front of the camera I could have shot with her all day 🙂

You might have seen her work before. In fact, If you own any active wear from Vancouver based LIJA, then you may even be wearing it right now!
A Kwantlen graduate, she spent the last seven years designing for Lija, but most recently she’s one of the women responsible for
Bullet Collective

Her and Michelle Herbert launched March 1st. Though this is their first startup, Bullet got a pretty huge first contract. They’ll be designing the active wear for ROOTS!

Congratulations Bullet Collective!