Headshots- the amazing and talented Lauren Bowler

Lauren Bowler headshots

lauren Bowler headshot

lauren bowler headshot

Lauren Bowler headshot

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot head shots for my dear friend Lauren Bowler. This woman is a serious triple threat and graces the Vancouver stages contstantly.

You might not recognize her as the motion cap icon for “Barbie”, but get a load of her real talent at the Stanley theater in the Arts club’s High Society. It runs until June 24.




Congrats to Twenty Something Theatre! (After a long hiatus from posting)

Front left Jameson Parker, Brian Cochrane, Back left to right Nino Koupantsis, David Kaye
Directed by Catriona Leger, Produced by Sabrina Evertt,  Costumes by Vanessa Imeson, Original Music by Anami Vice

Twenty Something Theatre really pulled it off with this Ad-rap-tation of  Shakespeare’s comedy of Errors. My only regret is that I didn’t blog about this before closing night so you all could go check it out. Sorry about that.

After a long hiatus… getting married, moving and European honeymoon, I’m back in the zone! I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff I’ve been shooting but never took the time to blog about.

check out more pics from their official website here.