Rainy L.A.

Happy New Year!!

If you’re a photographer and you either live in or visit L.A, it’s practically a given that you’ll be compelled to shoot the infamous Frank Gehry Disney Concert hall. Though I lived in southern Cali for 6 years, the opportunity never arose.
So imagine how excited I was, when on a recent business/road trip to L.A, my boyfriend listed it as his top priority during our hectic few days in the city.
Gear loaded in the car, I thought we’d spend some good time evaluating angles and appreciating reflections from the signature curvy stainless steel.

But remember the devastating downpour that Southern California had in December? Well there we were at the concert hall, rain bombarding the car windows, my tripod untouched in the trunk. I was trying to capture a shot through the porthole– the split second when the windshield wiper cleared way. We even considered just doing a drive-by and calling it a day.
But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past–
It’s shoot anyway and delete later…or keep and bask in the glorious image and pretend that you planned it like that all along 🙂 Seriously…don’t you know I put out a huge casting call for that umbrella bearing tourist/model?

From our very illegal parking spot, I rolled the window down just enough to poke out my 70-200. I took a breath, began searching with my lens, and then I understood why so many photographers fall for Gehry’s seductions. And I could have shot there all day– every camera movement composed a new image.
The rain and fog, after all, was just another opportunity. And then I thought to myself…”what’s a little rain? Journalists challenge their gear in tsunamis and war zones.” And there I was crouching by a newspaper dispenser in the pouring rain, shooting the cityscape while Miguel waited in the running car with towel in hand.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Anything for a shot… well almost 😉

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