Tyler’s Water Project

Every once and a while a passion project consumes me. I have no choice but to run with it! Tyler made this easy. Just watch this and you’ll understand.

This one hit me when I was about 4 months pregnant, so I thank Tyler for his patience as it took a bit to get it completed!


VENICE QUEEN EP Release Party Tonight!


A few weeks ago I made these guys hike to the top of a hill, climb over trees and cross a stream so that we could take advantage  of this rockface for their shoot.  It’s been such a blast working with these guys.

Venice Queen  is:

Ryan Bloom – Vocals
Yuji Suzuki – Guitars
Mark Iachetta – Guitars
Sean Bales – Bass
Mike Oliviero – Drums


They’ve been getting great reviews and tonight’s their EP release party at Joe’s Apartment on Granville so if you’re looking for something to do I highly recommend popping by to support some amazing local talent.

EP Release info

When I went to shoot their last gig I spontaneously shot some video as well…
Check out the video we threw together for So Much More


Headshots- the amazing and talented Lauren Bowler

Lauren Bowler headshots

lauren Bowler headshot

lauren bowler headshot

Lauren Bowler headshot

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot head shots for my dear friend Lauren Bowler. This woman is a serious triple threat and graces the Vancouver stages contstantly.

You might not recognize her as the motion cap icon for “Barbie”, but get a load of her real talent at the Stanley theater in the Arts club’s High Society. It runs until June 24.




Congrats to Twenty Something Theatre! (After a long hiatus from posting)

Front left Jameson Parker, Brian Cochrane, Back left to right Nino Koupantsis, David Kaye
Directed by Catriona Leger, Produced by Sabrina Evertt,  Costumes by Vanessa Imeson, Original Music by Anami Vice

Twenty Something Theatre really pulled it off with this Ad-rap-tation of  Shakespeare’s comedy of Errors. My only regret is that I didn’t blog about this before closing night so you all could go check it out. Sorry about that.

After a long hiatus… getting married, moving and European honeymoon, I’m back in the zone! I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff I’ve been shooting but never took the time to blog about.

check out more pics from their official website here.


Sunflower Hour Is Finally Here

Alright, so the time has finally come! It’s been almost two years but all the hard work has made AAron Houston and Aisla Webster’s Sunflower Hour a huge success. At the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival it snatched up an award for Independent Camera

It’s showed in Quebec city and Calgary and it’s finally here at the Vancouver International Film festival until October 14th!

There’s definitely lots of laughs and I even make a bit of a cameo.  I’ll buy a drink for the first person who can give a detailed description of what I was wearing. And yes, it’s excruciatingly embarrassing.

GO!! GO!! GO!!!


With a spectacular cast and lots of laughs, I was honoured to shoot stills during the filming.  Seven Deneault did a fabulous job compositing the stills into this poster.

(Canada, 2011, 85 mins, HDCam)

Directed By: Aaron Houston

PRODS: Aaron Houston, Aisla Webster
SCR: Aaron Houston
CAM: Steven Deneault
ED: Greg Ng
PROD DES: Daren Luc Sasges
CAST: Patrick Gilmore, Ben Cotton, Amitai Marmorstein, Kacey Rohl, Peter New

Goblin Market

Tonight is opening night for Goblin Market at the Vancouver Fringe Festival and I have to say that I’m pretty excited to see it. I had the pleasure of illustrating this for Director (and dear friend) Barbara Tomasic. For some reason I always get really nervous when I’m doing work for friends, but I think she’s pretty happy with the results. You can see my reflection in the cherry and that makes me happy.

The show stars Lauren Bowler and Tracey Powers–two incredibly in-demand, inspirational and talented ladies. Tracey’s an award winning playwright and Lauren just opened a trendy new tea shop in New West called Great Wall Tea Company.

I’ll be there tonight. Be sure to come and say hi!

You can buy tickets here:  http://www.vancouverfringe.com/


Directed by Barbara Tomasic, Starring Lauren Bowler and Tracey Power, Musical Direction by Steve Charles

September 8-18, 2011 
Show Times:
Thursday Sep 08 8:50pm
Friday, Sep 09      8:50pm
Sunday  Sep 11 8:45pm
Tuesday Sep 13 7:15pm
Wednesday, Sep 14 6:05pm
Thursday Sep 15 7:20pm
Friday, Sep 16   8:50pm
Saturday, Sep 17 3:00pm
Sunday Sep 18 3:00pm
on Granville Island, @ Circle Point



Robin: feeding chicks

Happy summer everyone! I just got back from a fun filled family reunion in Alberta and a phenomenal week of sailing through the Gulf Islands with Miguel. Aside from an awesome tan, I’ve got tons of pics to share.

These little robins hatched while I was at my brother’s house in Sylvan Lake. They nested right outside the patio door; Sometimes I just can’t believe my luck. Watching them became my meditation/alone time.

It’s quite incredible how after standing there long enough the hunter Robin decided I wasn’t a threat. With beak full of scrumptious slithery worms and bugs, he sat on a near tree branch for almost 10 minutes before delivering to hungry chicks and mamma. (I’m assuming the gender–it’s very hard to tell a female from male and they seemed to have taken turns doing the protecting and hunting anyway).

WATCH THEM FEED HERE! This was the last day I was there and at the end of the video it looks like the little chick is going to push itmself right out of the nest with it’s wings.


Washboard Abs & Fashion

You know when someone tells you that they’re a personal trainer and you can’t help but think… “That’s nice, but why would I train with someone who’s 20 lbs over weight? It’s like getting a haircut from someone with a mullet.” Well this obviously isn’t the case with Hannah. Trust me, this lady knows her stuff and if you’re willing to put the work in (she’s very good at kicking your butt) you might just get abs like hers. She smiles the whole time and, by the way, will look more hot/fashionable in her gym clothes than most people look on the street. She actually holds a degree in fashion and designed for Narcissist clothing for a few years.

While she has you doing burpees and lunges across the gym floor, she’ll be entertaining you with tales from Aerial silks class or hosting Japanese talk shows. She’s extremely passionate, committed and caring. If you happen to be looking for a trainer I highly recommend Hannah.  She does privates and also teaches like a million classes.

check her out here:


Photography geek note:

Lately I’ve been having a little back issue, so I’ve taken to leaving the heavy studio lights and opting for my Quantum QFlash. For one thing, It’s a lot more compact and less wight to lug around. It also has a small soft box that I love. On this particular shoot, Hannah was standing in a hallway and I used the opposite wall as an enormous bounce; I love doing this. The first thing I do when I scout a location is evaluate the ambient light and surfaces like walls and ceilings that will make for great reflectors or diffusers.  This works best with neutral coloured walls, unless you’re getting creative. In the last image she’s standing at the top of a stairwell and balancing on the railings (seriously not recommended for the average model). I placed my quantum at the bottom of the stairs and back-lit the heck out of her. The wall behind me acted as a fill light and with proper exposure we get these results. There’s a lot of flare that I really like and seems to be in style now. If you wanted to set up a similar shoot but eliminate the flare, you could use fabrics, flags and Cinefoil (really expensive black aluminum foil) to flag off the light until you get the effect you want.