Typo #1

Given that the premise of TYPO is illuminating stereotypes and celebrating those who defy them… Can you guess the significance of these common grocery items?

First of all, THANK YOU THANK YOU! There was an unbelievable turnout (almost 200 people) made it out to support. I am already planning shoots for TYPO 2012.

Now about the edibles: It’s funny, on the 20th when I debuted this series at the Roundhouse in Vancouver, the positive feedback was overwhelming. All the concepts are portraits of inspirational people, and so since this is the first image I displayed I wasn’t surprised that more than 3 people pulled me aside to say “but seriously, what’s the scoop on the food?” While some people identified right away, there was a bit of buzz. I even heard of an account where someone pretended to understand it, but then when asked to explain it said “well you can’t really explain it… you either get it or you don’t.”  Now my intention here wasn’t to exclude anyone or make you feel stupid… that whole, well if you don’t understand it, I guess you don’t deserve to understand it kind of artist ego going on. Really, I just wanted to prelude the series by encouraging people to look deeper than the obvious… at the pictures and at the people around you.

What do you think about this quirky banana split? Or does it just make you hungry?

I’ll be posting a TYPO a day for the next little while, hope to hear some suggestions for more concepts.


Simply French Cafe

So here’s a little of what I’ve been keeping busy with!
I’ve been shooting for the new Vancouver Crave book!
It’s been a lot of fun meeting new and established business owners–
clothing stores, jewelry designers, fitness classes, spas!!!

I’m doing my best to keep up with editing between shoots…
Here’s one of the latest from a great new cafe in Point Grey. I had an incredibly smooth cappuccino and the soup of the day with a beet salad.
Isobel, the owner, makes everything from croissants to soup in house daily.
And if you’re looking for your favorite french soap that you got when you were in Provence 3 years ago, it’s likely that she’ll have it! I would definitely recommend 🙂