Daniela Belmondo is launching her new organic product line and I can testify that they smell heavenly. And though I haven’t had a chance to use them yet, if they are anywhere as kind and gentle on your skin as is her presence, than Belmondo (Beautiful World in Italian) is sure to be a huge success!

You can book a facial here or contact her to order them.

photo notes:
These product shots are a great example of studio shooting on location. It just goes to prove that one doesn’t need a whole fancy kit of expensive strobes. Once again I turned to my very reliable reflector and speedlight + umbrella on a light stand. I picked a shady area in a park and set up shop. It’s all about balancing the available light with the flash 🙂


A very productive party indeed

THANK YOU!!!!!! to everyone involved in making A Very Productive Party a huge success!
Here’s a sneak peek at the hundreds of images I’ll be going through.
I’m soooo excited to share them with everybody!

PRODUCERS: Barbara Tomasic and Aisla Webster
VENUE: GINGER sixty two

HAIR: Christine Adams/Kara Gilbertson
MAKEUP: MINK makeup/Melanie Tremblay & assistant Jennifer Ruth
Alyssa Satow
FASHION:Retarded Velvet, Narcissist & Schitz Popinov

DJ: The school of REMIX — DJ DSTRRR & DJ T-REX

TALENT: provided by Carrie Wheeler Entertainment Group
Karie Holst
Ben Courtenay
Katerina Suchy

and singer-songwriter Michelle Carter-Leis

the shoot also featured the art of Michael Soloman–pics to come!

FOX: is created and modeled Carrie Hookham

Intern Stylist from Kwantlan College: Maddie Handy

PR: Pereira Pr

Minna Van @thenetworkhub and Yi @cheapbastards and all the tweeters!
Clinton Steier and his mom for the catering goods,
Nelson Carter-Leis for loading and unloading my gear
and Aaron Houston for all the miles on your car, support and inspiration. ;o

WHEWWW!!! I sure hope I didn’t miss anybody.

I’ll be working my butt off to get all the images out to those involved…please have patience.

As a Thank you from Albach Studios anyone who attended is eligible to receive %50 off a basic head shot package (and you can even gift it out)!!

And the winner of the free head shot will be posted next week!

Thanks again everyone–Goooo Team!
I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!