Sunflower Hour Is Finally Here

Alright, so the time has finally come! It’s been almost two years but all the hard work has made AAron Houston and Aisla Webster’s Sunflower Hour a huge success. At the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival it snatched up an award for Independent Camera

It’s showed in Quebec city and Calgary and it’s finally here at the Vancouver International Film festival until October 14th!

There’s definitely lots of laughs and I even make a bit of a cameo.  I’ll buy a drink for the first person who can give a detailed description of what I was wearing. And yes, it’s excruciatingly embarrassing.

GO!! GO!! GO!!!


With a spectacular cast and lots of laughs, I was honoured to shoot stills during the filming.  Seven Deneault did a fabulous job compositing the stills into this poster.

(Canada, 2011, 85 mins, HDCam)

Directed By: Aaron Houston

PRODS: Aaron Houston, Aisla Webster
SCR: Aaron Houston
CAM: Steven Deneault
ED: Greg Ng
PROD DES: Daren Luc Sasges
CAST: Patrick Gilmore, Ben Cotton, Amitai Marmorstein, Kacey Rohl, Peter New

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