Robin: feeding chicks

Happy summer everyone! I just got back from a fun filled family reunion in Alberta and a phenomenal week of sailing through the Gulf Islands with Miguel. Aside from an awesome tan, I’ve got tons of pics to share.

These little robins hatched while I was at my brother’s house in Sylvan Lake. They nested right outside the patio door; Sometimes I just can’t believe my luck. Watching them became my meditation/alone time.

It’s quite incredible how after standing there long enough the hunter Robin decided I wasn’t a threat. With beak full of scrumptious slithery worms and bugs, he sat on a near tree branch for almost 10 minutes before delivering to hungry chicks and mamma. (I’m assuming the gender–it’s very hard to tell a female from male and they seemed to have taken turns doing the protecting and hunting anyway).

WATCH THEM FEED HERE! This was the last day I was there and at the end of the video it looks like the little chick is going to push itmself right out of the nest with it’s wings.

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