George Bowering

Read the full Article for the University of Victoria Torch Alumni magazine here

And here’s a few of my favorite outtakes:

I’ve been playing with video and editing and took this opportunity to get George in action.

Though George is a prolific Canadian novelist, poet, historian and biographer, his personality proves comedian. I have to admit that I was in a constant state of shock and disbelief just from listening to him talk… and then there’s the pictures to prove his lack of concern for my camera in front of his face.

You can go ahead and read his books, but here’s a little personal insight that you might never see.

  • Walking through his house was like perusing an art gallery.
  • He couldn’t get through Life of Pi which makes me feel much better for dropping it after chapter 3
  • He’s a bit of a bad-ass. Like I had to edit out a lot of stories that may have been slightly incriminating. I imagine that an evening of wine and scotch would be quite entertaining.

I love when Torch magazine calls me up.  They always send me to shoot inspirational, accomplished and entertaining subjects.

One Response to George Bowering

  1. Jean Baird says:

    “a bit of a bad ass” ?

    You, Candice, are a master of understatement.

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