Headshots- the amazing and talented Lauren Bowler

Lauren Bowler headshots

lauren Bowler headshot

lauren bowler headshot

Lauren Bowler headshot

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot head shots for my dear friend Lauren Bowler. This woman is a serious triple threat and graces the Vancouver stages contstantly.

You might not recognize her as the motion cap icon for “Barbie”, but get a load of her real talent at the Stanley theater in the Arts club’s High Society. It runs until June 24.



2 Responses to Headshots- the amazing and talented Lauren Bowler

  1. sue newman says:

    You’re right! She’s AMAZING! Beautiful photos of my beautiful daughter!
    Thank you for posting,

  2. Chris says:

    I just discover Lauren in a short film and she is not just beatiful , she is a great performer !!

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